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In 1990, Mike Brewer launched Brewer Enterprises Inc., purchasing the shop he had worked at for the past 11 years. Day one began with a total of two employees counting Mike. What started that day was a path to becoming the most prominent residential plumbing contractor in Arizona, with a commitment to what is dubbed “The Brewer Difference,” tenets that we aspire to every day.

The Brewer difference is all about high-quality, on-time delivery and reducing call-backs, which require great people. To meet our on-time delivery commitment to our partners, in 2018, Brewer opened its innovative offer, the Brewer Craftsman’s Academy, building a steady stream of new, fresh, committed employees, expanding the total labor pool. This fast-track, intensive hands-on training is unique compared to traditional apprenticeship and college programs and their related career paths. We pay our students while in the program and offer job placement to 100% of the cadets upon completing the course.

Brewer Crew
Brewer Installation

In 2020 Brewer completed 7,000 new build homes for our builder partners in the Phoenix and Tucson markets. We did so by producing the labor required and continuously inventing new processes and technologies that show leadership in our industry. Our ultimate intention is to build a defect-free home.

We’re able to accomplish this because of our technology orientation. In fact, we’ve had customers describe us as “…not being a plumbing contractor, but a technology company that happens to provide plumbing as a product…” We are constantly inventing new production processes, quality control systems, safety practices, and other innovative programs that make us your professional plumbing contractor.

Brewer Technology

If having the fewest call-backs, highest quality, and lowest overall cost, based on being on time, is essential to you, you’re in the right place!